Competition Rules


These are in addition to the R&A Rules of Golf.

1) All players must report to the Starter at least TEN minutes before their listed Teeing Off Time. PENALTY: Medal Play + 2 shots, Stableford – 2 points.

2) On completion of a round, all players must return their signed cards to the Scorer within 15 minutes of the previous players or they will be subjected to a 2 shot penalty for slow play.

3) Any player not turning up for a Competition without having cancelled more than 24 hours before the start of the Competition will be banned from playing in at least the next TWO competitions for which they were eligible and may be charged the green fee.

Once the Competition has been drawn, only Committee members or the Pro Staff may delete names from the Starter’s Sheet.

4) Any player walking off the course without good reason, during play, will be suspended from entering the next TWO Competitions for which they are eligible. The reason must be accepted by the Committee. NB. SLOW PLAY IS NOT A VALID REASON.

5) In the event of a Competition finishing as a tie, the following count back method will be used to determine the result: –


The Player with the lowest nett score, based upon their stroke index allowance, over the last 9 holes will be the winner. In the event of this still resulting in a tie, then the same process will be applied over the last 6, 3 and 2 and final holes until a winner is determined. If this still does not determine a winner the result will be declared a tie.

EXCEPTION: In the Club Handicap Championship, the best final round score shall the First tiebreaker. In the Club Scratch Championship, a sudden death playoff, starting at the first hole will determine the winner.


The player with the most points over the last 9 holes will be the winner. If this does not provide the result, the points scored over the last 6,3,2 or final hole will determine the winner. If no winner is determined by this method the competition result will be declared a tie.

6) In Mixed Competition where Ladies tee off from Men’s Competition tees, Ladies will receive 2 Courtesy shots. Cards from these competitions may not be used for handicap adjustments.

7) A Club jersey and/or a shirt must be worn when representing the Club in all Matches or Competitions. A normal dress code applies on the course.

8) The presentation of trophies and prizes normally takes place in the Clubhouse immediately after the Competition has ended. To show support for the Club and the winners, it is expected that all players will remain for the presentation. Players not able to attend are to be presented with their trophies or prizes at the following competition prize giving.


(Rules 1,2,3 & 8 do NOT apply)

Mid week medals are played on the first Thursday of every month. It is your responsibility to find playing partners and book a time of your choice. An entry fee of £4 is payable when signing the medal sheet before play (in the Pro Shop). Should there be an entry of less than 9 players, the event will not be counted toward handicap but the winner will still receive the prize money which is the full entry allowance. Cards must be put into the competition box and results will be posted within the next 48 hours. Juniors may play if in the Gold category.

10) To qualify for entry into Board Events, a member must have a handicap and have played two Medals in the six-month period directly prior to the date of that Board Event.

11) FIVE-DAY MEMBERS are eligible to play in weekend competitions or medals, but must pay a full, non members green fee.

12) Ignorance of Club Rules, procedures or the Rules of Golf will not be accepted as an excuse for any inconvenience or penalty that may be incurred (NB. Members Notice Boards are maintained by the entrance to the Clubhouse and in the Ladies’ Locker Room. Please watch out for notices on Club Matches, Competitions and amendments to Club Rules)


Once the draw has been made only the Competitions Secretary is allowed to make alterations to the entrants’ details or cut off dates. Failure to record a result by the stated date will mean disqualification.

Finals of competitions are required to be refereed by a competent club member.


GOLD exact handicaps of 0 to 16.4 inclusive

SILVER exact handicaps of 16.5 to 28.0 inclusive

Other competitions may have handicap restrictions on the entry sheet.


Please enter in the Pro Shop before playing. The Sweep will be awarded to the player who records the earliest GROSS TWO on their completed card. Should there be more than one player, the Sweep will be divided between them. In the event of no gross two being scored then the entrant with the highest number of gross Birdies on their scorecard will win. Failure to produce a winner will mean the calculation of the most gross Pars will be used to determine the result. It is each player’s responsibility to ensure his or her card is clearly stamped on payment of the Entry Fee.


Juniors without handicaps may play in events organised by the Head Professional and Junior Organiser. These will usually be over 9 holes and will be relaxed and used as a way to monitor player’s progress and help them on the pathway to full competitive golf.

Juniors with a handicap of 16.6 – 28 inclusive may play in Junior Medals which are normally run on the same day as Silver Medals (see the Fixture Section). Juniors with these handicaps may also play in certain board events.

Juniors with a handicap of 16.5 and under may play in Gold Medals, Junior Medals and Board Events (as long as they have played in 2 medals in the previous 6 months).


To obtain a handicap a player shall :

1) Submit at least three cards from his home course.

2) Preferably off a measured course, ie. Played off the white tees*

3) Each card to be dated and signed by a responsible Club Member.

4) The name and membership number of the player submitting the card shall be printed in the space marked ‘Player A’ and the gross score for each hole entered in the column marked ‘Score A’.

5) The name and membership number of the marker is to be clearly printed below the marker’s signature.

6) Both the player and the market must sign the card.

7) Enter ‘for Handicap’ under name of Competition.

8) Place all cards in the relevant Score Card box in the hallway to the bar.

9) The handicap Secretary will calculate the handicap and post the details on the Club Notice Board as soon as possible (See point 5 below).

* A Member may enter a Bronze Medal in the summer, to register cards for a handicap. Ensure that you mark your card ‘For handicap only’. You cannot win the medal you have entered until you have played at least one medal in the correction section, with a full and proper handicap.


The handicap Secretary will apply the following formula:

1) A score of more than 2 over gross at any hole is amended to 2 over par.

2) An exact handicap is then calculated equivalent to the average number of strokes

3) A player may be allocated an initial whole number exact handicap less than the average score if it is considered that a lower handicap is more appropriate to the player’s ability.

4) In exceptional circumstances, a higher handicap may be allocated than indicated by the average score.

5) If a player fails to return cards justifying an exact handicap of 28.0 at the discretion of the handicap Secretary, he may be given an exact handicap of 28.0. The handicap shall be the exact handicap allocated.

6) Affiliated clubs may, at their discretion, refuse to allot a handicap until a specific standard has been attained.

Cards from other 18 hole courses can be submitted with the exception of Par 3 courses.


It is the responsibility of every player to play off their correct handicap, therefore when playing in an ‘away’ Qualifying Competition a signed copy of the card should be put into the Score Card Box and the score recorded in the Away Book in the Pro Shop. Any player in any doubt as to their handicap when playing in a Competition should play off the lower alternative and marked their card accordingly.

For further information please contact the Handicap Secretary.


Handicaps will only be adjusted based upon the scores in qualifying club competitions, ie. Played off the white tees as per the details below. If the net differential score against the Competition Standard Scratch is

Category 1 2 3 4
Playing Handicap Up to 5 6 to 12 13 to 20 21 to 28
Above Buffer Zone add only 0.1 0.1 0.1 0.1
Below CSS. Subtract for each stroke 0.1 0.2 0.3 0.4


is a zone which applies only to Qualifying Competitions where players with a net differential of up to +1 for Category 1 players, +2 for Category 2 players, +3 for Category 3 players and +4 for Category 4 players after application of the Competition Standard Scratch. When a player’s score is within his “Buffer Zone” his exact handicap remains unchanged.


. Any card in a Qualifying Competition is also subject to the Stableford Points Adjustment System (SPA) which rules that the maximum score per hole for handicapping purposes is 2 over par. This will reflect in all adjustments.


Player A has an exact handicap of 15.6 (playing handicap of 16) and returns a net 65 in a medal competition, where the CSS is 68. His score is 3 under CSS and so his handicap is reduced by 3 x 0.3, 0.9 and his new handicap is 14.7.

Player B has an exact handicap of10.2 (playing handicap of 10) and returns a net 69 in a medal where the CSS is 68. His score is in the Buffer Zone and his handicap remains unchanged.

Player C has an exact handicap of 21.2 (playing handicap of 21) and returns a net 79 in a medal round where the CSS is 69. His score is above the Buffer Zone and is therefore raised by 0.1 to 21.3.

If Player B returned a net 70 but his score included a 7 on a par 4, this would be adjusted to a 6 and then the Buffer Zone score of net 69 would apply.



The rules that apply to the ladies section re found on notice board 4 outside the ladies locker room, or alternatively ask the Ladies Handicap Secretary.

To obtain a handicap, a player must :

1. Submit at least 3 cards from her home course and preferably within a 12-month period.

2. Each card to be dated and signed by a Club Member

3. A card can be marked by a member of another affiliated golf club with a handicap –(details to be clearly legible).

4. Both the player and the marker must sign the card.

5. The first card can be submitted when it is completed – do not wait until you have all three.

General information sheets on the running of the section are obtainable from the ladies locker from and from the Pro Shop.


CONGU (The governing body in charge of handicaps) only recognise handicaps as either mens or ladies. This means that even at 10 years old, to get an official handicap players must play off the mens tees and to mens standards.

At Wexham Park we have a system that calculates handicaps for Juniors not yet ready for a full CONGU handicap. A player must submit 2 cards (these can be over 9 holes), one of which must be signed by an adult. That handicap is then adjusted every time the player plays in an organised Junior event. These events are always played from the Red Tees. A players handicap goes up by half a shot every time they do not play to handicap but down by half a shot for every one shot they better their handicap by. When the competition is over 9 holes, exactly half of the players handicap will be given as an allowance.

Although these handicaps may not be recognised by other clubs, they allow the Head Professional to track a junior’s progress as well as enable friendly competition golf to be played among youngsters.

Once a junior has progressed to the point where they are able to fulfill the criteria for a CONGU handicap, the details above (for men or ladies) then applies..

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